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Sculpture by Michael Melle, Arrowhead, June 2012

Michael Melle's Moby Dick sculpture, view 1
In June, 2012, artist Michael Melle completed an outdoor sculpture at Arrowhead, Herman Melville's former home in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

Says Melle, "The whale tail structure is a siver birch tree, built up with excelsior and 2x2s and covered with spunbonded agricultural row cloth. Ahab and the sailors are made of sapling skeletons covered with hay and wound with light cotton string. The boat I made from a pine branch keel 12 pine clapboards and two 2x4s."

For more information on Melle's work, visit scarecrowgarden.com.

Here are two other views of the Arrowhead sculpture:

Michael Melle's Moby Dick sculpture, view 2

Michael Melle's Moby Dick sculpture, view 3